Ambiguous Endings?!

Today on Book Riot:

I love Mohsin Hamid’s work! And Lois Lowry’s!

As I mentioned in the article, I didn’t like Life of Pi.

Another very popular book I disliked from my early teens in the early 2000s was The Da Vinci Code. I’ve Tweeted this since 2018, but I’m just copying my opinions from Twitter to my blog:


CN genitals; ableism

What did I hate more? The ableism of The Da Vinci Code making a character with albinism seem creepy because of his disability? Or the TERFiest part of The Da Vinci Code, comparing a cathedral’s arches to the goddess’ vulva?”

I’m watching Broadchurch. I like David Tennant’s work a lot.

I liked The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman and am reading Ghosts in the Schoolyard by Eve L. Ewing, which is a great, non-fiction, academic book. Eve is really nice and an excellent poet and essayist too.

Last week, I wrote about the ableism of Elspeth Barker’s novel O Caledonia.

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