Early voting, essay, and stories!

I voted early and by mail. My ballot was received for processing the same day I dropped it off! I'm proud of Book Riot for publishing this endorsement. Here's my latest article for BR. I mention Jared Green in it. My short story "The Lost Year," which I refer to in the article, is archived … Continue reading Early voting, essay, and stories!

Fun with Block Editor

That's not sarcasm. I like it! I find that my formatting and linking are easier, and resized images are much clearer. It's obvious in my two latest Book Riot posts: https://bookriot.com/louise-erdrich-books/ https://bookriot.com/books-like-ammonite/?fbclid=IwAR3T6HyFkMTCUQeRqnoXTovQATlVyPkyF9j6nWbT9SwC9QpyVWFk9M5j7Hk Currently reading: Disability Visibility, with wonderful, diverse contributors and edited by the amazing Alice Wong.

More Thoughts on JKR/Harry Potter

I recently published this on insincerity and ableist double standards on Glee: The Glee Problem. TW: JKR, ableism, transmisia, bathrooms, spoilers My Part 1 on the harmful stereotypes in HP is here: Diversity and Continuity, or Lack Thereof, in J. K. Rowling’s Work. In a fantasy world that removed all the structural barriers that exist in … Continue reading More Thoughts on JKR/Harry Potter

Disability, Fairy Tales, and Feminism

Some Thoughts on Disability and Fairy Tales Also, this was fun, free, and other panels are still upcoming: Fractured Fairytales from the FoLD in Canada I wrote and posted this essay last #ShakespeareSunday but forgot about the hashtag: The Lavinia Problem (It's Saturday right now.) GIF: Lady Violet from Downton Abbey, asking, "What is a weekend?"