Kristeva & LinkTree

Hey. I made a LinkTree to highlight some of my favorite pieces. I know my writing can be a lot to keep up with. Thanks for reading any and all of my work! Did you know there's a Netflix series on the Gardner Museum heist? It's called This is a Robbery. Don't search for "Gardner." … Continue reading Kristeva & LinkTree

Flannery O’Connor!

Hi everyone, today I have 2 essays on Flannery O'Connor, a huge influence for me. I've been thinking about these ideas for many years. Book Riot: And continued on Medium... I usually add a link for each new publication to my main menu as they come out. It used to be easy to do … Continue reading Flannery O’Connor!

Coloring Fun

Hi everyone, happy new year. For my first publication of 2021, I wrote about rediscovering a hobby I'd given up as a little kid. More of my coloring is on Instagram. My singing, a much more consistent hobby, is here. For my feminist take on ACoTaR, see my Medium. Thanks!

Fun with Block Editor

That's not sarcasm. I like it! I find that my formatting and linking are easier, and resized images are much clearer. It's obvious in my two latest Book Riot posts: Currently reading: Disability Visibility, with wonderful, diverse contributors and edited by the amazing Alice Wong.