2 New Book Riot Articles

Testing, testing WP's new block editor feature. . . looks pretty cool. I might want to play around and change my layout. 10 ECLECTIC BOOKS WITH BEATLES SONGS AS TITLES FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD’S BOLDWOOD: A 19TH CENTURY INCEL? In my 60th BR article within 2.5 years (link above), I still have a ton … Continue reading 2 New Book Riot Articles

Essay, Archives, and Site Changes!

Coates’ Water Dancer and Peele’s Sunken Place Please read the note and trigger warnings. I kept getting this idea about Get Out and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ wonderful novel The Water Dancer while reading it last November. Seven months later, I was amazed that no one else had written about it yet, apparently, so I did. I also … Continue reading Essay, Archives, and Site Changes!

More Thoughts on JKR/Harry Potter

I recently published this on insincerity and ableist double standards on Glee: The Glee Problem. TW: JKR, ableism, transmisia, bathrooms, spoilers My Part 1 on the harmful stereotypes in HP is here: Diversity and Continuity, or Lack Thereof, in J. K. Rowling’s Work. In a fantasy world that removed all the structural barriers that exist in … Continue reading More Thoughts on JKR/Harry Potter

Disability, Fairy Tales, and Feminism

Some Thoughts on Disability and Fairy Tales Also, this was fun, free, and other panels are still upcoming: Fractured Fairytales from the FoLD in Canada I wrote and posted this essay last #ShakespeareSunday but forgot about the hashtag: The Lavinia Problem (It's Saturday right now.) GIF: Lady Violet from Downton Abbey, asking, "What is a weekend?"

The Lavinia Problem

The Lavinia Problem Trigger warnings: rape, murder, torture, ableism Thesis: "I’ll call this the Lavinia problem: an example of narrative prosthesis that specifically views disability as a metaphor for rape or trauma in general, eliding other, more literal, meanings." I also think there's a popular misconception that metaphors are MORE important than literal meanings. That a … Continue reading The Lavinia Problem